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Use of by-products as system innovation

Society is demanding that the agricultural and fisheries industries use their basic resources more efficiently, including waste reduction and better closure of the cycles of resource use. Current production and processing methods can only partially valorise the qualitative product. The flow of by-products and waste products are mainly used for low-value applications, despite the potential to use many of the residual fractions in high-value applications. The GeNeSys project was created to address this thematic problem. The aim of this research is to use innovation to lead to valorisation of by-products of agriculture, horticulture and fisheries.

The GeNeSys project uses a methodologically innovative research approach that targets the implementation of the innovation by the end users. This methodology is used throughout the project, from beginning to end. The result is a transformation from purely science-driven research to innovation-driven research, from scientific/technological innovation to system innovation. This project combines the above challenges in both a methodological objective (development of instruments that support the development of successful system innovations) and a thematic objective (optimisation of the valorisation of animal and plant by-products).

Term of the research projects: 1/10/12 - 30/09/16

Use of by-products as system innovation


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